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  • Instructor(s) for IT field
KwangNet has immediate openings for INSTRUCTORS for IT fields, and an EDUCATION MARKETING PROFESSIONAL directly reporting to President of KwangNet.

Job description: KwangNet, a leading security networking consultancy and training company, has immediate openings for some INSTRUCTORS for IT fields such as NETWORK SECURITY, KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND VISUALIZATION, SEARCH AND DISCOVERY, SECURITY AND PRIVACY, DISTRIBUTED DATA COLLECTION, GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGIES, etc, directly reporting to President of KwangNet.

Qualifications: Master's degree required, Ph.D. preferred.



  • Educational Marketing Professional

Job description: KwangNet, a leading security networking consultancy and training company, has an immediate opening for an Education Marketing Professional directly reporting to President of KwangNet. The ideal Education Marketing Professional will be responsible for contacting and recruiting potential students for its technical training courses. These courses are in the leading subjects of Network Security, CCNA, TCP/IP Protocol Architecture, Cryptography, Web Design at affordable cost. Besides the primary role of recruiting potential students, this individual would also be a strong contributor in developing effective recruiting, training tools and collateral materials. We are seeking a high-energy, persistent, and high-integrity marketing professional that will dramatically build up KwangNet’s leading consulting reputation and increase the number of students that attend its courses. He or she will be able to effectively prospect, contact, follow-up and recruit based on effectively communicating the value and relevance that these courses will bring to the technical or business professional or student.

Qualifications: Qualified candidates should have an understanding of basic networking terminology but can be broadly educated, highly flexible with some experience in recruiting for educational courses. Ideally, this person has knowledge of enterprise networking organizations or has a contact base of individuals that would understand the benefits of keeping current on leading security subjects and issues. This individual should naturally have PC proficiency and Microsoft Office applications hands on experience.

For additional details or to be considered, please email your resume or introduction to

KwangNet is a privately owned consulting and technical training company dedicated to keeping companies that have deployed internet security in their enterprise infrastructure as well as individuals up-to-date on centralized security management issues and solutions. KwangNet has been helping to ensuring smooth business readiness and network security in the core of enterprise business infrastructures worldwide.
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